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KRAKEN: The 24th Card

The base deck for THE PULP OF TAROT includes a 79th card, KRAKEN, which pegs in at #24 in the Major Arcana (and technically ranks in the Super Arcana subset, which will also come to include KYKLOPS and THE WITCHES, in the future). Because this card does not exist in classical Tarot decks, there is no archival meaning associated with it. To that end, and after careful discussion, the official PULP OF TAROT meaning of KRAKEN is as follows:

#24, KRAKEN: A giant cephalopod attacks a freighter on a stormy ocean. Danger is imminent. Will the sea-monster succeed in sinking this vessel, or will the vessel arrive in a safe harbor? The outcome is not known, but the drama is imminent. Shit is hitting the fan, as regards your Tarot query, and you'd better be prepared for a struggle.

REVERSED: The shit is REALLY hitting the fan. This is DEFCON-2, at minimum. Whether it's the current state of your bridal gown, the quality of the lumber you just purchased to build a gazebo, or the longterm viability of your latest TINDER relationship, you are about to face a very real crisis.


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