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     Sean Simmans is a Canadian illustrator, specializing in grotesqueries, cartoons and other abominations. He ran his first comic-strip series, TWEED, in the frontier newspaper, The Northern Times, in 1985, when he was 15. it was not particularly funny. 

     After the internet was invented, he began designing art for e-zines and websites, and then moved on to book and magazine covers for small-press print publication. 

In 2005, Simmans co-created the RIZZO comic-strip with writer Chris Riseley. RIZZO ran in some four dozen alternative and weekly publications across the American southwest, until 2009. (and exactly ONCE in the Canadian MacLEAN's magazine in 2006.) The strip was resurrected in 2013 and ran online, sporadically, until 2018.

     Simmans was the artist in chief for saucetown magazine from 2017-2020.

His childhood influences included MAD magazine, HEAVY METAL, underground comix, NATIONAL LAMPOON and those strange editorial cartoons from old newspapers.

     Simmans has also published essays and fiction under the pen name W. Bill Czolgosz (which is the name of the lead character in the MARS CAFE comic series, 2017 to present.) Novels include EAT @ T ZERO'S, from Coscom Entertainment and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn + Zombie Jim, from Simon & Schuster. (both of these are out of print).

ith impact.

Review of Sean Simmans art:

"I found artist Sean Simmans darkart imagination refreshing and unique. I was able to browse his art on Redbubble easily (the link in this website makes it quick) and order the designs I love most on all manner of merchandise. I have also been able to easily contact the artist himself and purchase several of his original pieces. I'm excited to see what his imagination manifests when I commission him for my newest tattoo ideas!!"

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